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December 16, 2010

Imagination Technologies buys up Caustic Graphics

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by Darren Allan

Imagination Technologies has announced that it has acquired Caustic Graphics for just over £17 million.

You might remember Imagination better as VideoLogic, which is what the company used to be known as. Imagination specialises in mobile graphics tech, and has bought up Caustic because of its expertise in ray tracing graphics.

While ray tracing is very much the domain of movies and complex CGI, the hope is in the future, Caustic’s unique patented technology will enable ray traced 3D graphics to be implemented on a smaller scale, in a budget conscious manner.

Imagination envisages this sort of cost effective and efficient tech being added to the company’s PowerVR graphics processing units.

Hossein Yassaie, CEO at Imagination, commented: “The most exciting consumer technologies have always started in the professional industry until someone finds the right way to cost engineer and optimise power consumption of those technologies.”

“Ray tracing is a key additional technology that traditionally has been regarded as the exclusive domain of specialised markets and non real-time applications. We intend to change that.”

The ray tracing night is but young, however, as Caustic is a company which is still in the early stages of commercialising its technology.

Story link: Imagination Technologies buys up Caustic Graphics

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