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December 17, 2010

Nokia makes another move in legal wrangle with Apple

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by Darren Allan

Nokia has launched more legal action in a long running ding-dong lawsuit battle over the usual patent infringements with Apple.

Previously, Nokia filed suits against Apple in October 2009, alleging ten patent violations by the iPhone, and then a broader suit in January at the start of this year, which alleged seven violations across Apple’s range of gadgets and computers.

Then in May, Nokia targeted the iPad and iPhone with a new set of five claimed patent infringements covering technology which is used to improve speech and data transmission.

For Apple’s part, it filed a counter-suit to the Finnish company’s original complaint, turning the tables and alleging Nokia mobiles were infringing on its own patents. In September, Apple then moved the battle away from the US with another suit in the UK, with Reuters reporting that this one involved “nine implementation patents already in suit between the two companies in the United States.”

Deep breath. So the latest instalment in this legal soap opera is Nokia also moving outside the States to initiate a new suit in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the New York Times reports. This suit alleges thirteen patent infringements by the iPhone and iPad.

Paul Melin, VP of Intellectual Property at Nokia, commented: “The Nokia inventions protected by these patents include several which enable compelling user experiences.” One of those compelling user experiences is the finger swipe as used in touchscreen mobile phone navigation.

Story link: Nokia makes another move in legal wrangle with Apple

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