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December 19, 2010

Word Lens translation app planned for Android and more

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by Darren Allan

On Friday, there was a lot of buzz about a new instant translation app for the iPhone, called Word Lens.

Word Lens takes text in a foreign language captured on the iPhone’s camera, and translates it near enough instantly, pasting the translated text directly into the image. It’s been described as Google Goggles meets Google Translate in Photoshop.

Developer Quest Visual has apparently been inundated with emails and queries regarding the app, and has put a FAQ up on the official site to answer the most common enquiries.

With possibly the most pressing question being: Is this coming to other operating systems aside from iOS?

The answer seems to be yes, with Android being an obvious target, but the developer also mentions a number of other operating systems: “Android, WinPhone7, Palm, Blackberry users, we hear you! Our goal was to get a great first release on one platform. Keep in touch!”

Currently, only Spanish to English (and vice versa) is available, but what other languages are planned? Quest Visual states: “We’re starting out with European languages and will expand from there. We won’t stop until we get all the way across the globe!”

Enough with the exclamation marks already.

Also, if you’ve downloaded Word Lens and are having trouble getting the app working as well as illustrated in the promotional video, the developer notes you need to be capturing clear text in a bright light for the best results (suggesting using your phone light to brighten the text).

Quest Visual further notes that the app is only designed to read a few words on items such as signs or menus, not whole passages from books. So there’ll be no translating Don Quixote on your iPhone, we’re afraid…

Story link: Word Lens translation app planned for Android and more

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