HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 update blazes out on Vodafone

Darren Allan

December 20, 2010

Froyo or Android 2.2 upgrades have been notoriously troublesome across many operators, Vodafone being one of them.

The company took its time to push Froyo onto the HTC Desire, famously releasing a false update which many thought was Android 2.2, but just turned out to be a patch for 2.1 (which merely added 360 gunk).

However, the network has definitely got its finger out when it comes to Froyo for the HTC Wildfire. No sooner had HTC announced the availability of the upgrade, and Vodafone was pushing it straight out.

Vodafone revealed the news on its official forums, and several satisfied customers have posted to confirm that they have indeed downloaded Froyo onto their Wildfire.

You can check if Android 2.2 has rolled out to your Wildfire yet simply by selecting Menu from the home screen, then Settings, scroll down to About Phone and then tap System Software Updates. Finally, tap Check Now.

Android 2.2 provides enhancements for the camera and bluetooth, device tethering, an extra speed boost, and support for the installation of apps to an SD card.


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  1. sakib says:

    i have a htc wildfire which i still didnt root so that i can get the taste of original froyo; but is it possible to download this update to pc and then update my phone using my cable?
    thnx in advance.

  2. Sam says:

    I have android 2.2 up and running fine on my Wildfire and I’m on vodafone

  3. Sunjay Bhogal says:

    I have HTC wildfire with Tmobile, my phone was updated with 2.2 yesterday.

  4. Massoud says:

    I have a HTC wildfire and I am in Iran but there is no Arabic or Farsi language support please help me.

  5. Andy says:

    i have a wildfire, but im on 3 and have yet to get an update. anybody know when i will get it?

  6. andy kershaw says:

    Hi iam having trouble getting a upgrade to 2.2 android. How do i get it and can i get and where.

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