iPad 3G outsells wi-fi version considerably in the UK

Darren Allan

December 20, 2010

Apparently the iPad 3G is more favoured than the wi-fi model as we approach Christmas, and what’s more, buyers in the UK aren’t afraid to stump up for the top-of-the-line 64GB slate.

This is according to a study from research outfit Context, as reported by V3.co.uk. Context reckons that 3G iPads outsold wi-fi variants four to one in November. That’s a distinct reverse from earlier in the year when the iPad came out, when research indicated that some 70% of iPads sold were wi-fi.

However, that’s likely to be due to the fact that more wi-fi models were shipped initially. Also, 3G is more popular now due to networks offering subsidised Apple tablets.

Perhaps an even more remarkable statistic is the fact that in the UK, half of buyers are choosing the 64GB iPad despite its cost. On the continent, only a quarter purchase the 64GB behemoth.

It won’t be long before the iPad 2 comes along, if the industry-wide speculation surrounding the sequel is correct – April 2011 looks likely, or possibly even sooner. Twin cameras and an improved resolution are looking likely candidates for enhancements which should drive sales even more.


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  1. people all rushing out to buy the 1st generation ipad, prices will drop and then the 2nd gen will commence.

    smae with the big tvs now 3DTV is becoming the norm in homes, the current range of tvs will plummet.

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