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December 20, 2010

Lord Chief Justice rules tweeting acceptable in court

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by Darren Allan

The recent controversy over the use of Twitter in UK courts has prompted the Lord Chief Justice to make an interim ruling on the matter.

The decision comes after last week, when during two cases involving Julian Assange’s bail and appeal, two separate judges both allowed and banned tweeting from the courtroom.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has ruled that the usage of the micro-blogging service in court is fine, provided it doesn’t interfere with the judicial process in any way.

According to a Press Association report, he stated that the court “must be satisfied that its use does not pose a danger of interference to the proper administration of justice in the individual case.”

In other words, those who want to tweet from the courtroom will need to get the permission of the judge first. This ruling will remain in effect for the time being, while a more thorough review and evaluation of the situation is undertaken.

Story link: Lord Chief Justice rules tweeting acceptable in court

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