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December 20, 2010

Nokia looking to adopt Windows Phone 7?

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by Darren Allan

The latest rumour regarding Nokia’s attempt to rally its sliding mobile performance involves a potential helping hand from Microsoft.

New boss Stephen Elop will obviously be examining different strategies and fresh angles to pep up sales, and given that he’s an ex-Microsoft man himself, perhaps it isn’t quite so surprising that he’s potentially looking in the direction of Redmond.

Respected Russian mobile source Eldar Murtazin is the origin of the rumour (pointed out by Unwired View) that Nokia is currently in discussions with MS to bring Windows Phone 7 onto their devices.

It seems unlikely given Nokia’s stance on using its own platform in the past, and the fact that just last week the company was talking about more regular updates to Symbian, after having taken back control over the OS from the Symbian Foundation. There’s also the MeeGo iron in the fire, too.

Still, perhaps more radical action is necessary, and is currently being considered. Whether anything will come of that, we’ll just have to wait for word from the Finnish company in the future.

Story link: Nokia looking to adopt Windows Phone 7?

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