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December 31, 2010

Intel releases SSD 310 drives

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by Brian Turner

Intel has announced the release of it’s new range of Solid State Drives, the SSD 310 Series.

Coming in at a tiny 3cm x 5cm, the 310′s are around a quarter of the size (by area) of normal 2.5 inch Hard Disk Drives.

The SSD 310 Series is already being flagged for use in notebooks and laptops for dual drive use, as well as for standalone apps.

“The Intel SSD 310 series will allow us to provide the advantages of a full-performance Intel SSD paired with the storage of a hard disk drive in a small, dual-drive system,” said Tom Butler, director of Lenovo’s ThinkPad range, announcing they would be using the new SSD’s.

The SSD 310′s come in both 40GB and 80GB sizes, with read/write speeds of 170MBps/35MBps and 200MBps/80MBps respectively.

Story link: Intel releases SSD 310 drives

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