Hotmail accounts suffer lost emails

Brian Turner

January 1, 2011

A number of Hotmail users are reporting that late on New Years Eve their emails and email folders appeared to have been deleted.

Instead, their Hotmail account simply contains a welcome message standard to new accounts.

The problem is not specific to any particular country, and has caused a mass of complaints to be posted to the official Hotmail forums.

While Hotmail staff have tried to assure users that recently deleted emails can normally be recovered from Hotmail servers, so far there appears to have been no reported fix to the issue.

Free email services are convenient and easy to use, but rarely offer any protections against lost data because of limited contractual liability.

It’s certainly not the first time some Hotmail users have suffered problems with the service - back in 2008 reports were posted of user email addresses not even being recognised.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft have any redundancy in the system to recover the lost data. However, rarely do such instances ever result in data being recovered.


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  1. Dancer says:

    It’s great too see media coverage on the news. since the issue occured 50 hours ago on 31st December, all the unfortunately users who lost their years of emails around globe (including myself) have been trying to contact the media, thus no news been reported until 1st Jan.2011.

    What frastrate us is after hundreds and thousands of users reported the issue to Microsoft tech support, we did not have any clear answers with regards to the issue for this long, we have been kept in the dark until now.

    I have been a loyal user of hotmail for 15 years, their lack of action is really disappointing this time! All we want now is to have our emails back, they are invaluable for us!

  2. Brian Turner says:

    I used to have a Hotmail account in the MSN days, but saw how Microsoft would refuse to be held accountable for any service issues. So I moved away long ago.

    (Actually, I tried to keep my Hotmail email account as a reserve, but Microsoft deleted it because I didn’t use it enough).

    Frankly, these days, too many free email services, especially Hotmail, seem primarily used by spammers and scammers.

    I doubt Microsoft really cares about the lost emails - the company probably regards Hotmail just as some free legacy service they run out of charity.

    Microsoft has never really “got” the internet.

  3. Grumpy says:

    Still using Hotmail? You must be out of your mind! Gmail is the answer, mirrored and paired with your local email client, such as Outlook with POP3 or MAPI. If either email method, web or local screws up, you still have your email.

  4. JayKayEss says:

    With news of Gmail’s recent similar problem, Grumpy must be feeling pretty stupid! LOL!!!

    And Brian Turner, if you think Hotmail is a charity service run by Microsoft, then Gmail is infinitely worse - it’s BAIT used by Google to lure users into their infinite pool of data for future mining and flooding you with ads and spam!

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