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January 2, 2011

iPhone alarm bug strikes again

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by Brian Turner

The Apple iPhone built-in alarm has come under scrutiny again, after apparently failing to work properly in the New Year.

It comes after a similar bug stopped the alarm working after changes for Daylight Saving Time in November.

The issue appears to have arisen in single alarm settings on the iPhone 4.

Apple have announced that a patch will be released to ensure the alarm feature works properly from January 3rd.

That will be cold comfort to those who use their iPhone alarm to wake, with a number of people angrily blogging or Tweeting about being late for work or for travel arrangements.

In the meantime, iPhone users dependent on the alarm might want to make alternative arrangements for March 27th this year, when the next significant time change comes into effect.

Story link: iPhone alarm bug strikes again

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  1. Been various alarm glitches on this thing over the past 2 years, not just New Years, or Daylight Savings. $teve Jobs has extended his reach beyond his grasp with all these iToys. Not cleaning up the messes.

    You have to wash the dishes, $teve, not just make fancy dinner.

    Comment by danR — January 2, 2011 @ 5:45 pm

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