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January 3, 2011

Video of Nintendo 3DS surfaces on the net

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by Darren Allan

Can’t wait for the Nintendo 3DS, the three dimensionally endowed yet glasses free handheld which is due out in March?

Well, you’ll have to. Although if you want to whet your pre-launch appetite very slightly, a video has cropped up on the net made by a Chinese chap showing off a presumably nicked 3DS removed from the production lines.

Check it out on YouTube here, although it may well be removed soon. It’s not massively exciting, though, and involves a lot of pushing the 3DS around the table. Groovy background music, though.

We expect the Nintendo heavies will be knocking on the poor guy’s front door soon enough…

Photos have also been spilled too, which Engadget notes bear some interesting points: The 3DS will come with 96MB of Ram (possibly a 128MB module with 32MB reserved for the OS), and a 1300mAh battery.

But let’s face it, forget videos or tech specs, you’re going to need to hold the 3DS in your hands and see the 3D effect for yourself to be really impressed (or unimpressed, although the former seems to be the opinion of most who have had a preview of the device).

Story link: Video of Nintendo 3DS surfaces on the net

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