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January 4, 2011

Carphone Warehouse offers Alcatel OT 209 for 1p

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by Darren Allan

It seems that Carphone Warehouse is offering one of the cheapest deals you’ll ever get on a mobile. One phone for one penny, in fact.

Sort of. While the phone itself – the Alcatel OT 209 – costs just a penny, you’re obliged to buy a £10 top-up with it, but still. A phone for £10.01 is pretty impressive going.

No, it’s not a rival to the iPhone, Galaxy S or HTC Desire, but for basic use it’s serviceable enough. Extra features above and beyond calling and texting aren’t many, but it does have an alarm clock (possibly more reliable than the iPhone’s), FM radio and a built-in torch.

Previously, the OT 209 was available for 99 pence from Carphone Warehouse, so it’s basically had a whole pound slashed off its price. The new penny price tag goes live tomorrow, apparently.

Story link: Carphone Warehouse offers Alcatel OT 209 for 1p

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  1. Carphone Warehouse offers Alcatel OT 209 for 1p!
    Does this offer include VAT at 17.5% or at the new 20% rate?

    Comment by Derek — January 4, 2011 @ 9:01 pm

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