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January 5, 2011

Anonymous goes after Tunisian government

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by Darren Allan

Net freedom fighting activists Anonymous have picked on a new target this week, Tunisian government websites.

According to a report from security experts Sophos, Operation Tunisia has taken down the official government website, and a number of others including the site of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, using denial of service attacks.

The attacks began on Monday, and the government site is still down this morning. So why Tunisia? Due to the levels of censorship and oppression the government has brought on the people of the country. The Guardian notes that Tunisia (along with other Arab nations) has tried to stifle the flow of WikiLeaks related information.

AnonNews writes: “A time for truth has come. A time for people to express themselves freely and to be heard from anywhere in the world. The Tunisian government wants to control the present with falsehoods and misinformation in order to impose the future by keeping the truth hidden from its citizens. We will not remain silent while this happens.”

“Anonymous has heard the claim for freedom of the Tunisian people. Anonymous is willing to help the Tunisian people in this fight against oppression. It will be done. It will be done. This is a warning to the Tunisian government: attacks at the freedom of speech and information of its citizens will not be tolerated.”

“It’s on the hands of the Tunisian government to stop this situation. Free the net, and attacks will cease, keep on that attitude and this will just be the beginning.”

Story link: Anonymous goes after Tunisian government

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