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January 5, 2011

Toshiba plans glasses-free 3DTV before end 2011

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by Darren Allan

3DTV didn’t do badly last year – estimates put global sales at around 4 million units, which isn’t too shabby considering the economic depression and the fact that this is brand new technology.

But Toshiba evidently reckons the 3D glasses are a turn-off when it comes to the technology, and is promising a glasses-free range of large screen 3DTVs for Europe, America and Japan before the end of 2011. Much more quickly than we anticipated these sets rolling out.

Like the Nintendo 3DS, but on a massive scale, Toshiba will apparently be demonstrating 56 inch and 65 inch prototype sets at CES this year, according to a report on the Tech Herald.

The initial models which are slated to hit before the end of the year won’t be that large, however, with one expected at around the 40 inch mark, and one at 50 inches. Toshiba already makes a glasses-free 20 inch 3DTV in Japan.

Of course, the asking price will be the big potential sticking point. Whether Toshiba can manage to offer large screen glasses-free 3D at anything less than exorbitant levels for the time being, we’ll have to see.

Story link: Toshiba plans glasses-free 3DTV before end 2011

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