First “custom firmware” for hacked PS3 available

Darren Allan

January 6, 2011

The PS3 was cracked last week by a group of hackers known as “fail0verflow”, and following on from that, another hacking whiz is claiming to have created the first custom firmware for the console.

KaKaRoTo has released the firmware, and writes on his blog: “Thanks to the tools made by the fail0verflow team (and thanks to sven in particular for his work on the pkg/unpkg tools), the first ‘Custom Firmware’ is now available for the PS3!”

“Because of legal/copyright issues, I will not provide the custom firmware to anyone, however, I’ve made available all the tools necessary to transform an official firmware update, into a custom one…”

What does this custom firmware do? At the moment, not a great deal; it merely adds ‘Install Package Files’ options to the Game section of the XMB. KaKaRoTo explains that this is just a first attempt at a custom firmware, and more options will be added soon.

He notes: “This is just starting to get interesting!”

And we’re sure Sony agrees, as meanwhile, George Hotz (of iPhone jailbreak fame) has published the PS3’s master key on his website (crediting fail0verflow for their work).

It seems George might want to work for the other side, as he posts: “If you want your next console to be secure, get in touch with me. Any of you 3.”


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