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January 7, 2011

Ofcom makes more frequencies available for 3G

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by Darren Allan

Ofcom has announced that the airwaves used by network operators for 2G services (texts and calls) will be opened up to be potentially re-allocated to 3G services (mobile Internet).

Previously, operators only had access to a limited amount of spectrum for 3G, the remainder being licensed in the nineties with the stipulation that it was used for 2G services only.

But the growing amount of smartphones in the UK, and numbers of people going online to surf, or partake of more intensive tasks such as watching video, means mobile broadband requires more capacity.

Ofcom says the move will provide greater coverage for mobile broadband (reaching out to rural areas), better in-building coverage, and faster speeds along with improved connection consistency in general.

Story link: Ofcom makes more frequencies available for 3G

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