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January 7, 2011

Video games “depreciate faster than cars”

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by Darren Allan

If there’s one thing you can guarantee you’ll lose money on, it’s a new car. And thinking about it, a new house these days, most likely. Oh, and new video games.

In fact, video games depreciate faster than cars, according to a Which? report. In fact, a video game loses more percentage value in three days than a car does in three years, although that’s using the lowest prices stores pay for pre-owned games.

The example Which? gives is that a Ford Focus can expect to lose up to 60% of its value in three years. Red Dead Redemption, when bought new and then taken to Blockbuster to trade in, lost over 70% of its value in three days.

Which? paid £28 for Red Dead Redemption new, and only got £6 for it from Blockbuster – who then preceded to put it on sale in the store for £30.

Of course, you can get a lot more if you sell your second-hand games on eBay, Amazon or similar yourself. So the depreciation argument doesn’t really hold true, unless you’re very lazy, or ignorant as to the true value of a game and are prepared to let a mint condition big name game go for a fiver.

Still, the Blockbuster pricing example given here is certainly a gob-smacking affair.

Story link: Video games “depreciate faster than cars”

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