Popular strategy game RISK released on the iPad

January 11, 2011

Hasbro electronic arts have now brought out the popular tactic and strategy war game RISK for the iPad, after previously releasing it for the PS3 and the Xbox360.

Although when games such as this can often lose some of there favoured tactile qualities when released as an electronic game Hasbro have done a relatively good job of keeping the games qualities, as well as adding a little extra.

The game uses a simple tapping system to declare which territories are to be invaded and what troops are used, and the dice are swiped into the playing area.

The dice have also been given an exploding effect, blowing up as each dice touches just before showing the results of the dice throw, however an optional ‘Blitz’ system can get rid of this effect to further speed up game play.

Also a lot of the more irritating aspects of the game are performed automatically to speed up game play even more if wished.

The game can be played either against the iPad, or against up to 6 friends. Also a local play mode enables up to 4 friends to play each other via a bluetooth or WIFI connection.

The card sets in the game are now completely customizable, allowing the player to increase or decrease the value of each set of cards.

The RISK map is now available for the iPad for $3.99.


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