T-Mobile cuts mobile data allowance to 500MB

Darren Allan

January 11, 2011

T-Mobile has slashed the amount of data allowance customers on its network can hoover up as “fair usage”.

Previously it was 1GB (or more for Android users), but now the operator has decided to relieve the strain on its network by cutting this in half to a 500MB limit.

T-Mobile states that this is in line with industry policy (and indeed partner Orange), and the change will come into effect next month.

In a statement on its website, T-Mobile wrote: “T-Mobile will not charge its customers additional rates for exceeding these data limits, and those who do will still be able to access important services such as email and website browsing, but will have file downloading restricted.”

“Customers who have a need for higher volumes of data will be encouraged to take up a separate mobile broadband plan.”

The restriction will affect both existing and new customers, although T-Mobile reckons that only a small minority of users slurp up more than 200MB of data in a month anyway, so it won’t hit the majority of phone owners.

Those who it does hit, mind, will likely be pretty browned off. And we’re not sure these days that only a “small minority” of smartphone owners get into multiple hundreds of megabytes of data…


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