Apple and Google to head to head in CES 2011

January 12, 2011

The CES gadget show in Las Vegas had Apple and Google battle it out this year for the most successful tablet gadget for the upcoming year.

Apple’s recent success with the iPad (selling £7.5 million) has reignited a fading market for devices such as tablets, and has brought a lot of competitors into the market, the biggest of which is Google’s Android operating system.

At the CES this year there was a large number of devices on show that were powered by Android, including the Motorola XOOM which has been called a possible iPad killer by reviewers. Along with the XOOM Google has said it has over 100 android compatible products.

During the show Motorola was only able to show a prototype of the XOOM, although with its 10.1 capacitive screen, full HD video play and features such as Adobe Flash, Gyroscope, and Accelerometer, its a good attempt for Motorola’s first tablet device.

With Android 3.0 still not finished the optimism and tributes towards Google come as a bit of a shock. The Washington post has called the product “The most promising iPad competitor”.

Iain Thompson, the US editor of technology blog V3 states “We are seeing windows 7 on some slates but its windows- its not very sexy, its not very exciting. So if we are talking about a battle between the two then it is definitely Apple going head to head with Android”.

With all this said however, it is speculated that Apple will announce an upgraded version of the iPad later this month to combat Android, although Apple refuse to confirm or deny any speculation.


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