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January 12, 2011

ARM takes on Intel in the latest processor war

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by Tom Coyne

It was a great CES this year for both Intel and ARM. With Intel’s Sandy Bridge out with remarkable performance it has received praises such as “a huge leap forwards” and “the best ever integration between Microsoft and Intel”. However with Cambridge based company ARM now running Microsoft software, they are now a strong contender.

Microsoft announced during CES 2011 that they are now running on ARM which means next-gen tablet gadgets will be due to spring up, as well as more officiant ARM based notebooks, running on windows based operating systems.

Bob Morris, director of mobile computing at ARM stated “This is a very interesting statement because now you’ve got a software company who has said we’re going to do the best type of products, for the best type of devices, that do the best type of things. This is a really interesting time” as a reaction to Microsoft’s announcement.

ARM shares have now risen by seven per cent due to the announcement and people have been beginning to say things like its “the beginning of the end for Intel”.

However these statements are largely exaggerated.

Although it is true that ARM based chips will give Intel a push to create better products, as they have been known to do when challenged. In fact an Intel insider at CES stated that “in a couple of years we’ll have the best Smart phone chip in terms of performance and power (efficiency)”.

Story link: ARM takes on Intel in the latest processor war

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