Blu-ray loses its HD analogue compatibility

January 12, 2011

Image constraints are being added to Blu-ray discs this month due to the AAC’s adopter agreement which has recently come into force.

Blu-rays may now have something known as an Image Constraint Token embedded into a disc.

The Image Constraint Token will restrict Blu-ray’s image quality to 540p, making it just that little bit better then the quality of a DVD if played back through component cables.

The reason behind this new ruling is due to studios wanting to start the usage of digital only connections, their first step in phasing out analogue technology on Blu-ray players for 2013.

Due to this anyone with a Blu-ray player will now have to look out for the new logo for the Image Constraint Token if they wish to watch a film through component, otherwise the screen quality will leave a lot to be desired on the eyes.


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