Primesense bring the Kinect to your PC

January 12, 2011

Prime sense, the creators of the motion spotting chip in the xbox360 Kinect is now releasing the code to control the device under an open licence so it may be used by anyone.

The sensor chip is being placed in gadgets that work for Personal computers, meaning simply that anyone who owns one of these gadgets can tap into the Kinects sensing abilities without actually needing to own an xbox360.

The main gadget in particular for the pc is the Primesensor, a gadget created by Prime sense which has the same infra-red and CMOS camera’s as the Kinect in order to do the same motion spotting.

Tamir Berliner, a founder of Prime sense claims that the company wishes to get the prime sensor into developers hands so that gesture-based interfaces can be brought to many different types of devices.

He also stated that he was making the source code available to developers in order to give them the freedom to play around with it. “It will all be open source so you can take it and port it to any device.”

In November 2010 the Kinect brought Microsoft 8 million sales on the run towards Christmas. However Tamir Berliner claims that “computer games are just the start”.


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