T-Mobile backtracks on data limits

Darren Allan

January 12, 2011

As you’ve probably noticed if you follow mobile news, particularly if you’re a T-Mobile customer, on Monday the company announced it was to slash its data allowance for existing and new customers.

What was previously a 1GB fair usage limit (and up to 3GB for Android users) was hacked down to 500MB. And many customers were not happy, feeling that T-Mobile was violating the terms of their existing contract by changing the rules without a full month’s notice.

With a swell of outrage developing across the net and on the official T-Mobile forum, as well as Ofcom making noises about possible investigation of the matter, the network operator has now thought better of this policy.

Hence T-Mobile has backtracked and said it will honour all existing customers’ mobile data allowance limits, although new customers will be limited to 500MB. That’s fair enough, because new customers know what they’re getting themselves into.

Lysa Hardy, VP of T-Mobile UK, issued the following statement: “On Monday 10 January 2011 we announced that, in line with the rest of the industry, T-Mobile would be reducing its Fair Use Policy for data usage to 500MB a month for all mobile phone customers.”

“Following a further review of our policy, these changes will now be introduced from 1 February, to new and upgrading customers only – not existing customers.”

“There will be no change to the data packages for existing customers for the duration of their contract and we apologise for any confusion caused. The revision to the Fair Use Policy is designed to ensure an improved quality of service for all mobile internet users.”

So, that settles that, then. “People power wins again”, as one T-Mobile customer put it.


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