The iLok Smart Key makes copyright a little simpler

January 12, 2011

Pace anti-piracy have now released there new and improved version of the iLok Smart Key, a handy copy write protection method.

The iLok uses a USB dongle and an online registration system to save licensed software.

The iLok was created for users with licensed software to use the software on various different computers without having to register each one with a challenge/response string, and now its got that little bit better.

The new updated version of the iLok is smaller, sleeker, and stronger getting rid of the problem many people had with the dongle snapping. Also due to its smaller size it is now possible to place 2 iLoks next to each other in different USB ports.

Needless to say many people found the previous model a little too bulky. An even more beneficial factor is the chassis its self is more robust. The iLok can now hold up to 500 authorisations, 5 times more then its predecessor.

At this moment in time the iLok is only available from PACE’s website, however the older model is still on sale via various retailers.

One problem with this however is although the licenses currently work on both types of iLok, software developers seek to take advantage of the new improved security features and may stop supporting the older version of iLok.

The iLok Smart Key is now available for the price of $49 from


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