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January 13, 2011

An eco-friendly future for Apple?

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by Tom Coyne

Apple is currently patenting a system for new technology that can provide solar powered energy to portable devices.

Although the solar powered iPhones and iPads are a few years away yet, it shows that Apple is devising alternative, cheaper ways to power its gadgets for the future.

This aims not only to save users money, but it will save both time, and the annoyance of a dying battery, requiring the user to either stay stranded without a phone, or trek towards the nearest charger and plug socket.

The Key aspects of Apple patent is the power circuit which sits between the solar cell and a battery. The power generated by the solar cell can then be monitored, which is dependent on the rays of the sun.

Their is no official comment on this technology from Apple. However if the patent can be successfully developed into commercial charging units, then this indicates a leap forward for echo-friendly technology.

Story link: An eco-friendly future for Apple?

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