PlayStation App is released for the iPhone

January 13, 2011

With the PSP phone on the go, and the PSP2 and PSP doing well, it seems a little strange for Sony to be bringing an application specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad, however they have now made such an app fully available.

Although this is a PlayStation app, it is not actually an application in which to play PlayStation games on. It is in fact an information tool, keeping users up to date away from their consoles and bringing them the latest in PlayStation news.

The application is called ‘The official PlayStation app’. The application allows PlayStation players to sign into their PSN accounts using their PSN ID’s.

Once signed into your account you can keep up to date with trophies, friends and your online status, you can read announcements from, you can check out all the latest news, reviews and hardware, and most importantly you can check up on upcoming games.

The version is apparently a 1.0 version of the app, suggesting that Sony intend on bringing in new features in the future.

The PlayStation official app is available free for download now.


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