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January 13, 2011

Sony to unveil the PSP2

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by Tom Coyne

Sony is due to announce a release date for the much anticipated PSP2 on January 27th in Tokyo.

If the PSP2 is as good as it is rumoured to be then it could pose a great contender for the new Nintendo 3DS and with the PSP phone under way, Sony are going to have their hands full in the next few weeks.

Sources predict that the PSP2 will include an internal 16GB flash drive with a possibility of additional storage in the form of a memory stick. It is also rumoured to have 1GB of ram which will make it quite a powerful hand held machine.

The Design of the PSP2 is expected to be much like that of the PSP Go and is rumoured to sell for less than £200, as the PSP go price has now been dropped to an estimate of £150 on average.

The PSP2 comes with a touch pad, although unlike a touch screen, the pad is placed upon the back on the console. Sony games chief Kaz Hirai stated that with some PSP2 games “you can play perfectly well with a touch panel”.

Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, the PSP2 is not equipped with a 3D screen, however it will include twin analogue sticks and a HD screen. Predictions also say that it may also include a four core cell processor.

No actual release date or price has been announced as of yet.

Story link: Sony to unveil the PSP2

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  1. the psp is a fail and they should work at something like the ds has

    Comment by Paul — January 13, 2011 @ 7:05 pm

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