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January 13, 2011

TC Electronic unveil the Blacksmith Bass amp

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by Tom Coyne

TC Electronic recently unveiled the new Blacksmith bass amplifier, a new high point for the bass amp 2.0 concept.

Blacksmith is designed specifically for use in large clubs, full-scale stadiums, and major venues without any worry about power. It has a delivery of 1600 watts to bring a heavy bass tone to a large area with clear effect.

Blacksmith has all the bass amp 2.0 features like an integrated chromatic bass tuner, refined tone-shaping tools including four bands of EQ, Spectracomp, Tubetone, per-string compression, Tweetertone, complete tube pre- and power amp recreation, as well as unique three user-designed memories.

The Blacksmith bass amp can handle cabinet combinations down to 2 ohms. Up to four RS410 cabinets could be used with Blacksmith, simultaneously creating 8.7 square foot of speaker cones for full bass volume and effect.

Story link: TC Electronic unveil the Blacksmith Bass amp

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