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January 14, 2011

BBC claims its shows on-demand should only be shown on iPlayer

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by Tom Coyne

The BBC trust has stated that it wishes for its on-demand service to only be playable on the official BBC iPlayer. This decision was made after the BBC Trust made an on going review of how the BBC syndicates its digital content.

However the decision does not condemn other on-demand services to continue without any BBC programmes.

The iPlayer interface may still be used by other services to offer BBC programming. In other words as long as BBC programmes are not offered on another form of format then they may still be shown.

The BBC Trust states that programmes may be shown “in standard formats that the great majority of other TV operators can readily adopt”. So custom made iPlayer layouts and skins are no longer allowed.

Due to this decision, many internet connected televisions are creating short cuts for iPlayer applications.

Diane Coyle, a BBC Trustee claims that due to the popularity of on-demand programs, the iPlayer on-demand service is vital to the BBC’s ability to fulfil public needs.

“The BBC must continue to deliver what licence fee payers want while also delivering value for money and protecting the BBC’s brand. We’re now seeking views on these proposed changes to the syndication policy to help the BBC meet that challenge in an on-demand world,” she stated.

Story link: BBC claims its shows on-demand should only be shown on iPlayer

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  1. BBC all we want is ALL BBC programmes to be on iplayer INDEFINATELY. We paid for it once, let us watch it whenever we want.

    Comment by Shadow — January 15, 2011 @ 12:11 pm

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