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January 14, 2011

First Direct launches banking app for iPhone

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by Darren Allan

First Direct has launched an on-the-go banking app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The app, which is available today on the Apple App Store, allows iPhone owners to check their balance and view the last twenty account transactions.

It also lets users make payments and transfer funds between accounts, which First Direct claims makes it the first “true transactional” banking app on the iPhone in the UK.

Some US banks have already gone in this direction – the Bank of America was the first ever bank to launch an iPhone app back in 2008 – but First Direct says it plans to stay ahead of the curve in the UK.

The bank is going to collect feedback from users online to determine which features to introduce next. Our vote is for a magic virtual money tree which sheds fifty pound notes into your accounts come the autumn rather than leaves. We suspect we’ll be ignored, but it’s worth a punt.

Matt Colebrook, CEO of First Direct, commented: “The iPhone App is as a huge step forward, but it’s just the beginning of our ambitions for mobile banking. Our plans for 2011 are to make our ‘on the go’ mobile service available on other smartphone devices.”

“We chose to go with the iPhone first because that’s where our customers are. Over the last 12 months, the iPhone has grown to become the 6th largest source of visitors to our website and whilst Android is growing rapidly, it’s nowhere near the iPhone just yet.”

Story link: First Direct launches banking app for iPhone

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