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January 14, 2011

Mist Walker will stay in Japan

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by Tom Coyne

Ever since the departure of the SNES and the SEGA Mega drive, the West finally started seeing Japanese games heading their way. Even with a few months delay the more anticipated games have still been getting released outside of Japan, making their way into the US and European games market.

In times of late the Japanese games market hasn’t been getting any bigger in comparison to games being released by US companies, so they have had to make their money by branching out towards the western market, so it comes a bit of a shock that ‘Mist walker: The last story’ one of the biggest Japanese RP game of 2011 has been announced to not release anywhere outside of Japan.

The game was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, who has brought us some brilliant RPG’s such as Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon and shared a lot in common with final fantasy such as a real time combat system, even the logo resembles that of the Final Fantasy games.

These factors have made the game very promising and it is something western gamers would appreciate. However there has been no announcement of plans to release the game into the Western Market. According to a publisher representative asked about the situation, the simple reply was. “We have no plans at present”.

At this moment in time the only way to get the game in the US and Europe is to import it, which not only costs a lot but is very problematic unless you speak fluent Japanese due to the amount of text the game uses.

The decision to not release the game in the west was made by Nintendo, and no doubt the creators of Mist Walker will not be pleased about the decision.

Story link: Mist Walker will stay in Japan

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