Spotify and Shazam make sweet music together

Darren Allan

January 14, 2011

Music streaming service Spotify is to get together with tune recognition experts Shazam.

The result will be Shazify, a new music service which identifies songs, tells you they’re ‘minging’ and then suggests you listen to more Britney Spears, Ace of Base and Lady Gaga.

Of course not. The result will actually be the Spotification of Shazam’s free and paid-for apps for Android and iOS. In other words, Spotify will be integrated into Shazam so users can click on a track they’ve tagged or discovered, and listen to it on Spotify.

The new feature for Shazam will be called “Play in Spotify”, in a ‘does what it says on the tin’ kind of fashion.

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, commented: “Shazam is a very innovative company in the mobile space, having achieved a massive following around the world and we’re excited about the potential of this partnership for new music discovery through Spotify.”

“Now if you hear a great new track you can identify it, listen to it instantly in its entirety and easily add it to your music collection. That’s pretty powerful stuff.”

The feature is available now in Shazam’s premium apps, and will be coming to the free variants in the next couple of months.


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