Wikipedia is 10 years old today

Darren Allan

January 15, 2011

Online encyclopedia and font of all (sometimes slightly dubious) knowledge is celebrating its tenth birthday today.

Yes, Wikipedia was set up at the start of 2001. The encyclopedia relies on its users to write and edit articles, a system which has worked remarkably well, although occasionally leads to inaccuracy or abuse.

Founder of the site Jimmy Wales recorded a Wikipedia birthday message, which you can view on the site. In it, Wales recalls that the first post he made on the site was a simple: “Hello world.”

He goes on to say that 400 million people per month visit Wikipedia, and to encourage those visitors to have a crack at editing themselves, assuming they haven’t thus far.

“There’s still a lot to do,” Wales notes, before saying that if you see a problem on Wikipedia, click on edit and fix it.

Various events and online activities have been organised across the globe to celebrate the tenth birthday. There are some 400 events happening in total, such as the “Editathon” at the British Library, which is happening right now.

What’s it all about? We quote: “With the help of the contents and curators of the British Library, go mad editing Wikipedia to celebrate its 10th birthday.”

You’ll have to get down there pretty sharpish, however, as it finishes in three hours.


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