Rim set to ship 1m BlackBerry PlayBooks in Q1

Darren Allan

January 16, 2011

Figures have emerged for the amount of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets which Rim is planning to ship when the tablet launches in March (although it won’t be out until Q2 over here).

According to the ever-present DigiTimes sources, that number will be a nice round million units. It shows Rim is expecting their device to do well.

And why shouldn’t it? The PlayBook sports some impressive innards, including a dual-core 1GHz processor, a true multi-tasking operating sysem (QNX), and twin cameras on both the front and back. With the price pitched at less than $500, potentially $400, which would undercut the basic iPad by $100.

In other shipping news, Motorola has reportedly ordered some 800,000 of its Tegra 2 powered Xoom slate to be produced initially, and in the North Utsire area, a south-easterly severe gale force 9 decreasing gale force 8 is imminent.


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