Asus may implement own Android App Store

Darren Allan

January 17, 2011

Asus might have its own Android App Store in the pipeline.

The news comes after the company unveiled a triplet of Android tablets at CES (two 10 inch slates, and a 7 inch one just to keep Steve Jobs happy).

Initially, it was thought these tablets would run Honeycomb, but now it’s unclear whether that’s the case, and they may have to ship with Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

Tablets which don’t have hybrid phone capabilities or run Honeycomb won’t be allowed access to the official Android App Market by Google.

So Asus’s solution appears to be to set up its own app store to ensure its tablet owners aren’t left high and dry, according to a report on the Inquirer.

With other companies such as Toshiba looking to do the same, it raises the prospect of a rather fragmented app landscape for Android tablets. But Asus may well get its slates out running Honeycomb, yet…


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