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January 19, 2011

Alex Epstein unleashes online media email storm!

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by Brian Turner

Alex Epstein has been fired from the apprentice, so he’s looking for a new direction.

So like any other job seeker, this morning he mass emailed his personal marketing message to nearly 800 different editors and journalists from all across Britain’s online media, and left every single email address visible.


He also appears to have used some kind of email harvester program as well, so while he did manage to send to various fleet street addresses, the list is otherwise quite eclectic.

Alex’s assurance that “I’d make an excellent product reviewer - and would be happy to be a critic on all things, business related or wider” could certainly apply to Nafoura, an international belly dance magazine he sent his message to at least three times.

Perhaps not the best place to declare yourself the promoter of the “boozy banger”.

Oops x 2.

In fact, judging by the email replies that followed - and sent to everybody else on the list - Alex Epstein has managed to release a lot of repressed editorial humour over Tuesday’s lunch hour.

Peter Toner of Toffsworld commented “How do I send a mass email to a load of journalists without publishing the email addresses of everyone I send it to? Answer on a postcard please.”

Elisa Roche at the Daily Express expressed her pleasure at receiving the email twice, before offering a double “no”.

Samuel Pinney at Heatworld immediately lamented, “I only got it once. I feel cheated.”

Gurinder Toor at Virgin Media also sadly declined Alex’s offer: “Sorry Alex, unless you can compete with Katie Price and the Reidinator, it’s a no from me too.”

Ruth Harrison pointed out, “As the music ed at FemaleFirst I’m not sure how you can fit in… unless you fancy performing a rap for us?”

Derek Lock at Frommers quipped, “We’re a travel company. Maybe you should leave the UK?”

Not all of the replies were so negative, however.

Matt Moore at improvementandinnovation.com sagely replied, “As the editor of a resource devoted to business excellence and continuous improvement, you will find some useful tips on our site about eliminating defects from your processes. Happy reading!”

Terri Paddock at Whatsonstage.com said “[W]e’re yet to announce a co-host for Christopher Biggins at our West End awards ceremony next month. Alex, would you be able to trip up Sheridan Smith and maybe forget Tamsin Grieg’s name when they come up to collect their trophies? That would do nicely.”

And Craig Bloomfield at Nuts.co.uk asked if Alex could get him a coffee.

Rudy Millard at Guide2Bristol protectively stated that Alex should not “listen to all those mean Londoners! Bristol welcomes your advances with open arms! As we welcome everyone from around the UK (but London, mainly) who comes down here to be seduced by our delightfully rustic West Country ways, and never return,” before adding, “Anyway, I must get back to my mangel-wurzels and my churchwarden. Good luck!”

And yours truly replied asking if Alex could help us out, after someone from Nigeria emailed offering us millions in gold, and enquiring as to whether Alex would fly out to complete the deal for us on a commission basis.

Hardly mean, really now, Belle? :)

Apparently, Alex Epstein has become a trending topic on Twitter, generating a little more publicity for himself - usually quite handy for someone working in PR.

Though on Google News a click through the trend “Alex Epstein” also reveals the headline “Pesky bacterial slime reveals its survival secrets”.

In the meantime, we can only wish him all the best - and hope next time he realises the difference between “CC” and “BCC” when sending out mass emails.

More coverage of this story here: Alex Epstein on Google News.

Story link: Alex Epstein unleashes online media email storm!

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