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January 19, 2011

Guardian launches new iPhone app

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by Darren Allan

The Guardian has pushed out a new version of its iPhone app.

The fresh app boasts a number of new features, one of which may not be so popular – the shift to a subscription model. This has been made, according to the Guardian, to meet long term development costs.

Although the better news is the paper isn’t asking the Earth. £2.99 will get you a six month subscription, and step up to £3.99 and you’ll get the whole year, which works out at 33p per month.

In the US, however, the app will be offered as a free advertising supported affair, because the Guardian wants to attempt to increase its reach over the pond.

Okay, so what new features are you paying for? We’re talking faster automatic updates for live news and sports, along with a new football scores service. Video content has been introduced, support for both portrait and landscape mode, along with a new search facility.

Trending stories are highlighted by the app, adding reader comments will soon be supported, and a new homepage design has been worked out.

Is it worth the money? That’ll be the decision of the readers. Those who have the first Guardian iPhone app will be able to continue to use it for another six months before the plug is pulled.

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