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January 19, 2011

Playboy iPad app will be uncensored

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by Darren Allan

It seems that Apple might have relaxed its stance on nudity on the company’s app store, at least according to Hugh Hefner.

Hef let the world know, via his Twitter account, that a Playboy app is on its way, and it will be uncensored.

He tweeted: “Big news! Playboy – both old & new – will be available on iPad beginning in March.”

He then confirmed: “The iPad Version of Playboy will include the whole magazine from the first issue to the latest.” And: “Playboy on iPad will be uncensored.”

What’s going on here, we’re not quite sure, as it doesn’t seem too likely Apple would make this move, given past comments. Know Your Mobile theorises that perhaps the Playboy app will contain links to the rude pics on the web, rather than the actual images in the app.

Or perhaps Apple really is becoming less prudish in its approval process. We shall see…

Story link: Playboy iPad app will be uncensored

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  1. This is old news. They class Playboy as a relic and therefore allowing it uncensored but nobody else will be treated the same way.

    Comment by Shadow — January 20, 2011 @ 2:05 am

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