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January 20, 2011

Nintendo 3DS release date announced

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by Tom Coyne

Nintendo announced today in Amsterdam that the new 3DS will be available in stores on the 25th of March.

The product will first be available in cosmos black, and aqua blue between prices of £219 and £229.

The 3DS was first predicted in June during E3 2010 to be released in time for Christmas. Although it failed to meet predictions, the date has finally been set for Nintendo’s 3D hand held to reach the market by March.

The Nintendo 3DS comes equipped with two different screens.

The main screen is a 3.53 inch display screen that uses lenticular technology to provide glasses free stereoscopic 3D effects. The secondary screen is a smaller 3.02 touch panel that shows 2D images. All in all the screen resolution is 800×240 pixels.

Just below the top screen on the left hand side there is a featured analog stick, replacing the D pad for more precise directional control.

It was announced in Amsterdam that by the next E3 in June, over 30 3D games will be released for the 3DS, including Street Fighter IV 3D, and with the new StreetPass wireless internet feature, your Street Fighter characters can even join in automatic fights with passing strangers with the same game.

This feature also allows users to automatically swap game data and items.

Another wireless feature is StopPass, which allows users to automatically download game updates when ever they pass WIFI hot spots.

Laurent Fischer, the managing director of marketing at Nintendo Europe said “We reinvented gaming with the touch screen, and then again with the motion controller,” indicating Nintendo see this as a game changer.

He went on to say “Nintendo 3DS is not just about being able to watch and play in 3D without glasses, it also offers unique social experiences.”

HMV and Game Station have currently priced the Nintendo 3DS at £229.99, however Play.com are selling the product for £219.99.

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