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January 20, 2011

Nokia E7 goes on pre-order in Finland

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by Tom Coyne

After a long wait, The Nokia E7 has finally gone on pre-order. However it is only going on order in Finland at this moment in time.

The hand set was due to come out last year, but delays threw the release date back to January. However the official UK release date is still being kept a secret.

Although Finland may pre-order now, the actual hand sets do not start shipping out for another month, begging yet more questions about the UK release date.

The Nokia E7 has a 4-inch OLED screen, a QWERTY keyboard, an 8 mega pixel camera, HDMI-out, and much more.

However, the hype may die down during the wait for release and if Nokia do not start shipping out before the Mobile World Congress 2011 then it will be in danger of being forgotten about.

At present the Nokia E7 is pre-selling for 600 Euros, but no doubt networks have already struck up some contract deals.

Story link: Nokia E7 goes on pre-order in Finland

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