Nokia X7 US launch cancelled

Darren Allan

January 20, 2011

Nokia may still be leading the pack when it comes to smartphones, but it’s a lead which is in danger of slipping further.

With the meteoric rise of Android, Symbian is looking an increasingly sickly operating system, and the company’s reliance on the OS is now causing problems in the US market.

The Symbian powered Nokia X7 was due to launch with AT&T next month, but the American operator apparently didn’t believe the phone could compete with the likes of Android and the iPhone.

An article in the Wall Street Journal quotes an inside source who said that Nokia made the decision to pull the phone because AT&T wasn’t willing to push the X7 enough in terms of marketing spend.

The abandoned X7 launch is seriously bad news for the Finnish firm, as it leaves the company looking weak in the American smartphone market.

Perhaps it’s time for Nokia to seriously consider the future operating systems it’s going to use, as for the time being, Symbian is still on the cards (albeit in a more regularly updated form).


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