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January 20, 2011

Samsung launches new compact cameras

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by Tom Coyne

Samsung have announced the launch of a host of new compact camera’s in various colourful options that will hit the UK’s market within the next few months.

The biggest and best of these new point and shoots is the Samsung ST6500 with a 16mp sensor.

The body of the ST6500 is curved around the angled lens for maximum comfort. The lens is angled down by seven degrees, which gives users the ability to take better and easier self portraits.

The camera has a 26mm wide-angle lens, 5x zoom and 3 inch touch screen LCD. It can shoot video’s in720p resolution and also has an array of smart features to adjust settings based on the shot.

The ST6500 comes in black, silver, and red and is going on the market in march for £199.99.

Three other Camera’s that Samsung are releasing are the ST95, the ST90, and the ST65.

All camera’s share similarities with the ST6500 and are slightly cheaper. Each camera offers video recording and have wide-angle lenses ranging from 26mm to 27mm.

The ST90 and the ST65 both have 14 mega pixel sensors, although both are slightly out matched by the ST95 with 16 mega pixels. All three Camera’s are released in February with prices ranging from £129.99 to £179.99 and come in silver, blue, pink, orange, purple and indigo.

Finally we have the small mobile phone sized ST30. The ST30 has auto focus, face detection, 3x optical zoom and a 28mm lens.

Also the camera comes with digital image stabilization, making it a nice cheap and nifty portable camera. The ST30 is also due to arrive in march and will be priced at £89.99 and like the others, comes in an array of colours including black, silver, lime, pink, and lilac.

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