Young teen’s game tops iTunes free app chart

January 20, 2011

A game designed by a young teenager from Utah has recently topped The iTunes free app chart after being out for only 3 weeks.

The 14 year old Robert Nay created the free downloadable game for Apple’s app store on December 29th. Now the game known as ‘Bubble ball’ has topped the free app chart and is ahead of both Facebook and Skype games.

‘Bubble ball’ is a physics puzzle game in which you attempt to move a floating bubble from one location to another by using the principles of physics. The game has already been downloaded 2 million times and is even ahead of the free version of the popular game ‘Angry birds’.

Robert learned how to code the game using a book from a library in Utah and after hours of work, completed the game using over 4000 lines of coding.

“My friend’s dad suggested I try making an iPhone app and I thought, ‘why not, that’d be pretty cool’ so I checked out a book from the library” Robert said.

“I played games that were similar to it. I just took what I liked from different games, and,like, add my own stuff”

Apparently Robert is already working on a new game that may include an ‘in-app’ purchase option for 99 cents. The extra purchase will apparently unlock additional game levels. However when asked more about the game he simply states “Its a secret”.


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