YouView won’t be ready until 2012

Darren Allan

January 20, 2011

The last we heard, YouView, the subscription-free IPTV service backed by the BBC (Project Canvas as was), was supposed to be launching in early 2011.

It seems that this date has slipped, however, and slipped seriously; we’re not talking banana skins here, but a vast oil slick which has sent the big launch sliding well into 2012. At which time, the service is likely to be less relevant…

This is all according to an article in the Telegraph. In a somewhat woeful sounding tale, a senior TV executive said of the YouView set-top box: “It just doesn’t work when you turn it on and keeps crashing. You would think that after at least 18 months of development and at least six million pounds worth of investment from each shareholder, the box would actually work when being shown to its owners.”

Whoops. That really doesn’t sound good. The YouView backers also haven’t managed to fully agree on technical standards with the Digital TV Group.

If the service isn’t ready until 2012, and possibly not until late 2012, then some of the web TV competition such as Google TV will have already got off the ground.


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