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January 21, 2011

Facebook can now run on standard mobile phones

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by Tom Coyne

Facebook has now released a new application for online social networking designed for standard mobile phones.

With the rise in Smart phone sales, Facebook users have been constantly on the move with their Smart phones, updating their profiles all the time.

Now with Facebook for feature phones, a Smart phone is no longer necessary to socially network whilst on the move.

The new program is a Java app and will work on over 2,500 devices on brand names such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and many others.

The company developed the app with the help of Snaptu, a company that specializes in aiding websites take their contents to portable devices.

Facebook for feature phones gives the user access to their news stream, wall posts, and photo galleries. Although you do not have access to all of Facebook’s functions, it is still a step forward.

The app is being launched simultaneously with a new deal that is being offered, providing free data access to Facebook for feature phones for up to 90 days. However this offer is not valid in the US.

Facebook has been attempting to stay in touch with feature phone users by making sure that navigating Facebook’s mobile screen is made easier, along with synchronizing contacts, and making it quicker to scroll through posts and pictures.

The application was officially launched on Thursday the 20th of January.

Story link: Facebook can now run on standard mobile phones

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