Honeycomb may not see a future in Smart phones

January 21, 2011

Honeycomb, Googles Android 3.0 OS, may never reach Smart phones, only being available on tablet.

It was recently announced that Tablets would be operating on an entirely new system to Smart phones.

Due to this, rumours have spread that a scaled down version will be used for Smart phones instead.

However, despite this, when asked Google stated that a new OS was created specifically as a ‘tablet’ operation system.

“We took the opportunity with Android 3.0 to enhance the UI” states a spokesman for Google.

The spokesman also went on to say that Google was intending on uniting the Android 2 and Android 3 systems. This would no get rid of the trait of the Android 2x only being used for Smart phones, and the Android 3x being used for Tablets.

“I think that coming together is a good idea. What we’re trying to do here I make a base platform that’s so good, that others only need to add native elements in their core areas. We wanted to make the whole UI better, it shouldn’t be necessary to customise the texting widget with the Honeycomb UI.” He stated.

“We don’t think one size fits all with Android, but sometimes changes people make to the UI miss the point. Then again, sometimes it amazes us.”


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