HTC’s Smart phone profits rise by 160%

January 24, 2011

HTC has emerged as one of Apple’s main rivals as profits rise to 160 per cent.

The rise began in the final three months of 2010, outshining the net profits from the previous year.

HTC is a Taiwanese Smart phone production company and was the first phone maker to use the operating system, Android, created by Google.

The company sold 24.6 million phones last year, doubling their sales in 2009.

HTC’s company officials have said that they are also studying the Tablet market, putting them in potential competition with Apple’s iPad.

The company has predicted continuous growth in sales for this year, expecting to sell around 8.5 million handsets between the months of January and March.

In terms of their push towards the Tablet market, HTC chief executive, Peter Chou said the following.

“It’s a new market with many competitors, and we don’t want to rush into it. We hope the product we eventually unveil will be one that meets consumer’s needs”

The company had revenues of 9.57 billion dollars for 2010.


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