Kate Middleton from Kent gets the push from Facebook

Darren Allan

January 24, 2011

A woman from Kent has had her Facebook account suspended simply because she shares the same name as the potential future Queen of England.

Kate Middleton from Pembury has been accused of impersonating Prince William’s fiancée, according to a report by the BBC.

Ms Middleton told the Beeb: “I was quite shocked because I’d started writing an e-mail to all my friends and went to press send and it came up to say I had to login.”

“I logged in and it came up to say I was a fake and my account had been disabled.”

Apparently Facebook is reviewing the matter, and at the moment Kate is waiting to see if her account will be re-activated.

Presumably this will be the case, given that Ms Middleton’s profile picture is of her, and she clearly isn’t attempting an impersonation act.

The Sun newspaper notes that her boyfriend apparently shares a name with a famous person, too: Jonathan Ross. And this fact on her profile might have led a Facebook staffer to assume the account was a false one.


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