New Nintendo TV show reveals Hydroventure and much more

January 24, 2011

Nintendo has now launched it’s latest edition of Nintendo TV to watch on the Nintendo Wii console.

This new edition contains a special look into Curves new Wiiware title, Hydroventure.

In this week’s episode, Jonathan Biddle from Curve studios, the designer for Hydroventure, talks watchers through some of the best games that where unleashed during 2010.

Also there is exclusive footage from games such as Cave story, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Dark Void Zero, Bit. Trip runner, along with many others for viewing pleasure.

In addition to these exclusives and reviews, the programme, from the makers of the official Nintendo magazine go through the best of DSiware, and Wiiware from 2010.

Nintendo TV is available on the Nintendo Wii, on the official Nintendo TV channel.

The Nintendo channel is available to download for free from Nintendo’s Wii shop.

The new Nintendo 3DS launch event in Amsterdam is featured on next weeks Nintendo TV episode, with exclusive reports and reviews.


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